What is max10?

It is an uncurated performance salon which happens quarterly, here in Santa Cruz, at Motion Pacific. This is NOT just for dancers. Whatever you do – music, spoken word, theater, comedy, martial arts, visual arts – we want you!

Next max10 TBD.

The event is called max10 because each piece can be no longer than 10 minutes. You will have only 5 minutes to tech your piece day of show, so you need to keep your use of technology (lights, sound, projection, video) very simple.

Background: max10 was launched in Los Angeles over a decade ago at the Electric Lodge and it’s still going strong. The original max10 pit crew was Cid Pearlman, David King, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, Nurit Siegel, Carol McDowell, and Joel Shapiro.

Be a max10 Artist: Email

Nine things to know about max10

1. max10 Performance Laboratory is a place to do brave work, experiment, and risk failure.

2. max10 is an un-curated performance event the happens quarterly in Santa Cruz, on a Thursday night.

3. max10 is a place where new artists can show early work, and more established artists can work outside their genre.

4. The event is called max10 because each piece can be no longer than 10 minutes, and there will be no more than ten performers a night.

5. After ten minutes of performance a bell will sound and the lights will go off – we mean it, really.

6. While we would love you (or someone else) to write about max10 – we respectfully ask you not to review individual pieces. We don’t want the artists to censor their ideas because they are worried about a “bad” review. We want this to be a true performance laboratory.

7. After the performance you are invited to a reception (cheap beer, wine, and chips are included in the price of admission) where you can talk to the artists about the work you’ve just seen. Pick three artists to talk to, tell them what let you into their work and what kept you out.

8. All genres of work are welcome – dance, performance art, music, visual arts, installations, film, slideshows, spoken word, martial arts demonstrations, performative papers, whatever…

9. If you want to perform at max10 write to

What: max10 Performance Laboratory SC
Where: Motion Pacific 131 Front Street, Santa Cruz
When: Thursday night, max10
Time: 8:00pm, reception to follow
Tickets: $5.00, no reservations

$5 at the Door (Cash and Check only Please)

max10 Performance Laboratory Santa Cruz is a project of Motion Pacific Dance.

Photos by Kyer Witshire

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