Youth/Teen Program

The Motion Pacific Youth & Teen Program provides students of all ages the opportunity to experience dance in a context that values the individual and the creative process. We are dedicated to high quality technical training within a non-competitive environment and offer access to many forms of dance. Our curriculum caters to each student’s strengths and is designed to encourage creative expression and a positive body image. Motion Pacific is a nurturing, exciting and dynamic setting for students who seek either sheer enjoyment or a career in dance.

Session Dates

Fall: September 8–December 12, 2015
(No classes Thanksgiving week: November 25-29, 2015)
Spring: January 6–June 4th, 2016
(No breaks or holidays during the Spring session)


There are no refunds. Please select classes carefully. If a student becomes ill or injured and needs to withdraw from classes, a doctor’s letter must be submitted to the front desk informing us that a student will not be continuing with classes.

Academic Year-Long Program

Students ages 2-7 register based on age and interest, and are welcome to change classes for the Spring Session. Students must register for the full 14-week Fall Session, full 22-week Spring Session, or  36-week year-long program.

Classes for students ages 8+are structured to develop over the course of the school year, which includes both the Fall and Spring Sessions. Students stay in the same class and level for both Fall and Spring Sessions. Students must be 8 years old before January of the year-long session in which they are enrolling. Students must enroll for the entire 36-week year-long program.

Payment Plan

For both semester-long and year-long classes, we offer a 9-month installment plan. All payment plans require a current credit card be kept on file with Motion Pacific. Accounts will be charged on the 15th of the month, September-May. Students choosing to pay in full at time of enrollment, will be offered a 5% discount.

Mid-Year Withdrawal

A withdrawal form and doctor’s letter must be submitted to Motion Pacific to inform us that a student will not be continuing with classes. If tuition has been paid in full for the year, a credit for the remaining tuition will be put on account at Motion Pacific. If you have enrolled in any payment plan, then we will remove you from the plan effective the next monthly pay cycle. Withdrawal will apply at the point the withdrawal form is received.

Click here to download the Withdrawal Form

Registration Fee

A $30 registration fee will be charges for each student who enrolls in our program during the school year.

Trial Classes

At the beginning of the Fall session students may take trial classes for a $15 fee.  Trial classes are available through the month of September. If the student enrolls, the cost of the trial classes will be subtracted from the full tuition.  Trial classes are available for the Little Movers and Young Movers program the first month of both Fall and Spring. Trial classes are subject to availability.

Sibling Discount

A 5% discount will be given to siblings. i.e. 2nd child receives 5%, third child receives 10% etc


Scholarships are available for Youth Program students. Scholarships are awarded based on commitment, potential and financial need. Students must have attended at least one semester with Motion Pacific previously or have two letters of reference from a prior studio.
The deadline to apply for scholarship for each session is as follows:

Fall and Full-Year Program– September 10th
Spring– January 5th
Summer– June 20th

Please click here and fill out this form to apply!


Regular attendance is the basis of artistic and technical growth; consistency is extremely important for the student, teacher, and class. If you know that your child will be absent from any classes, or if your child becomes sick, please notify us as soon as possible by leaving a message at (831) 457-1616. Excessive absences will affect the student’s level placement for the following year and participation in the end-of-year recital.


Recommendations will be made to students that currently attend Motion Pacific about placement. New students will be assessed upon attendance to their first class. It is HIGHLY recommend that you do not enroll your child in ballet or contemporary classes until they have attended a class for assessment first.

Class Observations

During class, studios are closed to observers. However, there are scheduled Parent Observation Days for selective classes. These days provide an opportunity for parents to experience their child’s dance class, firsthand. Class observation are scheduled at the beginning of the session and announced throughout the session.

Student Conduct

Students are expected to attend all classes and participate in informal performances. They must arrive promptly for class, wear proper attire and be respectful and attentive during class.

Policy of Inclusion

Motion Pacific values a culture of inclusion and friendliness in our studio classrooms from the start of the session. The Motion Pacific Youth & Teen Program has zero tolerance for bullying or exclusion of any kind – physical or emotional.

Dress Code

Ages 2-7 yrs: Form-fitting clothing and bare feet. No jeans or tutus. Hair must be worn out of the face. Preballet requires ballet slippers. Tap Classes requires tap shoes, Hip Hop requires sneakers.

Contemporary: Form-fitting clothing that shows the body—black leggings or tights with a solid color leotard or long tank top. Classes are taken barefoot. Hair must be worn out of the face.

Ballet level 1-3:

Girls — Long hair must be securely up in a bun. Hair long enough to be in a bun must be secured with hair pins and a net. Hair that falls down during class is distracting to the dancer and the whole class. Students that arrive at class time without hair up properly will be warned the first time and asked to sit out the next. Pink convertible tights and ballet slippers with solid color leotard are required.  Ballet skirts optional.

Boys — White or black t-shirt, black or white ballet slippers, black or gray tights, shorts or tight leggings.

All other classes: Form-fitting clothing. No skirts, jeans or baggy clothing. Athletic shoes for Hip Hop. Tap shoes for Tap classes.


Each year in June, Motion Pacific presents it’s Spring recital. Enrollment in classes is not a guarantee of participation. Students missing more than four classes Spring semester, with the exception of injury or illness, will not be invited to participate in the recital.

How to Register

Review our schedule of classes including class prices. See Class Descriptions

Review our Policies and Procedures above — Be sure to make note of this page for your record. Many questions throughout the year can be answered by reviewing our policies

Registration may be completed FOUR ways:

1.) In-Person- We highly advise scheduling a time to come in and register. Contact Abra or Carmen.

2.) By phone- (831) 457-1616 (Please do not hesitate to leave a message. A staff person will get back to you within 24 hours.)

3.) Or by email. Contact Abra or Carmen.

4.) Registration may be completed online for students registering in classes through our Little Movers and Young Movers Programs.