Work-Trade Program

In an effort to render dance education more accessible, Motion Pacific offers a work-trade program for adults and approved teens. Regular work-trade staff members earn dance classes in exchange for working the front desk or cleaning the studio. One hour of work amounts to one drop-in class (valued at $20). Front desk work-trade staff are responsible for opening the studio, welcoming and checking in students, light cleaning, and selling class passes and memberships. Cleaning work-trade staff are responsible for regularly-scheduled cleaning shifts. Work-trade credit is occasionally made available in exchange for volunteering at events.

Specialized work-trade staff members offer services such as photography, lighting design, or production management and receive trade at a rate appropriate to their field. If you are interested in a regular work-trade shift, or have special skills you could offer in exchange for dance classes, please contact .

Motion Pacific offers, on average, 25 number of work-trade hours per week, lowering our organization’s operating costs and providing up to 15 students another avenue for attending dance class.