Motion Pacific believes in increasing accessibility to dance education and presentation. Donations from our community are our budgetary backbone, and, as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, donations made to Motion Pacific are tax-deductible. 

$50/ $100/ $150

Description of role/ What this pays for:

The Artist recognizes the importance of regular movement practice - feet on the floor, hours in the studio.

This level of donation - offered in $50 increments - provides scholarships for our adult and youth dance programs.


Description of role/ What this pays for:

The Advocate holds as important the support of dancers across all ages and movement abilities.

This level of donation maintains our free Dance for Parkinson’s classes and equitable teacher wages.


Description of role/ What this pays for:

The Ambassador believes in collaboration across organizations to produce community-wide dance programming.

This level of donation ensures free public access to Dance Week, BBQueer, and our Spring Recital and provides administrative support to organize across nonprofits and other dance studios.


Description of role/ What this pays for:

The Ally understands the undeniable necessity of creating safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ & BIPOC communities and supports the presentation of the queer, BIPOC arts.

This level of donation pays for an entire cast of drag and burlesque artists to present work at Majesty, or one artist to present work at BBQueer.


Description of role/ What this pays for:

The Aficionado appreciates the finer things. They recognize that quality presentation requires paying artists fairly and equitably. The Aficionado Producer opens as many pathways as possible for diverse and regular performance opportunities.

This level of donation supports the production budget for our events such as max10, Looking Left, as well as our Adult and Youth Showcases.


Description of role/ What this pays for:

The A-Team is here for all of it. They understand that supporting the arts makes for a healthier and more inclusive community for all.

This level of donation keeps us in brick and mortar. It supports our staff, underwrites our programming, and allows us to expand our mission and reach.

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