Our Youth Company, Artists in Motion, was created for students 9-17 yrs as a program to support high performance standards through technical training, mentorship, and collaboration. Our goal is to help the dancers begin to master the complexities of diverse dance styles while having fun, challenging, and rewarding dance experiences.

Dancers will train rigorously in various dance styles and collaborate in the creative process. Students will work with Motion Pacific staff and invited guest choreographers to create their own work, and will produce their own full evening-length work as a Company at the end of the academic year.

The program will run a full academic year from September through June. Dancers will be required to take both Contemporary Dance as well as Ballet in order to participate in the Company Program.  Enrollment will also be required in a Company Class at some point in the week. Additional rehearsals are often scheduled around performance dates. The Company has opportunities to work with multiple choreographers throughout the year to experience a range of aesthetics and artistic processes.

Informational Meeting + Interviews
On Thursday, August 24th, 2017 we will hold an informational meeting at 4:00pm at Motion Pacific. Parents are welcome to attend along with dancers. After the meeting interested dancers will stay for a one-on-one interview to determine the best company placement for their experience level as well as interest.

The program will be directed by Abra Allan in collaboration with staff advisers and instructors including Collette Kollewe, Angela Chambers and Molly Katzman.

Schedule and Fees
Students schedules will be based on level placement. Please note, there is an additional sliding scale participation fee to cover the cost of  staff time associated with company meetings, conditioning and rehearsals.

*Tuition cost will be divided into 10 equal payments and paid monthly. 5% multi-class discount will be applied. Partial scholarships are available. Please ask for an application form if your family would like to apply for a scholarship. These will be need and merit based scholarships.