Motion Pacific – Updates around COVID19 Outbreak

(updated 1/11/21)

Dear Motion Pacific Community,

Fleck-suh-bili-tee.Five syllables often in our mouths last year and likely to remain in our mouths for the year to come. Flexibility has alternatively been a necessity, a request, an aspiration. Here is how dictionary.com defines it: 

Sound familiar? Below you will find a video and information about how we—the Motion Pacific community—collectively adapted in 2020. 

Bending without breaking

As dancers, we know the importance of flexibility. When we are flexible, we can move and express ourselves without breaking our physical bodies. 

As a studio, here is how we bent without breaking in 2020: 

  • We quickly moved our entire Spring youth semester online during the initial shutdowns and hosted a virtual Spring recital in celebration of these students’ achievements
  • We created—with the incredibly talented folx at Visual Endeavors—two virtual studios
  • We ran virtual summer camps 
  • We developed an outdoor studio at Motion Pacific and—with the generous support of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art History (MAH)—an additional outdoor studio at the MAH 
  • We hosted our most successful MAJESTY event to date—this was a virtual event which foregrounded BIPOC artists and one in which we split funds with the TGI Justice Project and Santa Cruz Diversity Center
Jet Noir. Photo by Crystal Birns

The quality of being easily adapted 

The only reason that we have been able to maintain our degree of flexibility as a studio is because you—families, dancers, staff, supporters, and patrons of the arts— have adapted along with us.

Here is how you have allowed us to adapt: 

  • You donated or became a member during the beginning of Shelter-in-Place. This kept our staff employed and able to problem solve for the months ahead
  • You supported us during our Fall Keep-Motion-in-Motion Fundraiser. This allowed us to make major improvements to our indoor and outdoor studio spaces and maintain staffing adequate to run hybrid courses
  • You unrolled Marley for our outdoor studio; you understood the necessity for class cancellation; you let your child turn the kitchen into a dance studio; you performed any other act of graciousness and flexibility
Dancers work their flexibility. Photo by Crystal Birns.

Moving forward, we want to know more about how we can adapt together. What kinds of classes do you want to see in 2021? What contingency plan would you like for wet weather? Please complete our short (two question!) survey by clicking the button HERE.

The ability and willingness to adapt one’s thinking or behavior 

Lastly, this year has compelled Motion Pacific to adapt our thinking and behavior to understand that it is our—and everyone’s—responsibility to actively engage with anti-racist policies and principles.

Here are a few of the actions you can expect from us in 2021: 

  • We will draft and implement a racial equity statement
  • We will form an accountability committee 
  • We will perform anti-racist training for all staff members
  • We will continue to offer discounts for BIPOC families in our Youth and Teen programs
  • We will continue to pay BIPOC performers above market-level 
  • We will continue to listen to, uplift, and support BIPOC artists 

Coming from a place of humility, we acknowledge that this is an ongoing and rigorous learning and growing process; we are committed to this work as individuals and as an organization. 

Motion Pacific is committed to working towards a world that is free from racial injustice, where equity is centered and our communities thrive. 

With sincere gratitude for all you’ve done to support our collective flexibility and growth in 2020, and looking forward to 2021,

Motion Pacific Staff

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Q: I have registered for a class and have not been sent any information. How can I gain access to virtual zoom classes?

A: For adult classes, links to class will be sent out 30 min prior to class from one of our Virtual Desk Staff members. If you have not been given access to an Adult or Youth/Teen Zoom class, please reach out to admin@motionpacific.com and we will give you access and make sure you are on all email lists moving forward.

Q: When can I expect to take indoor classes again?

A: Motion Pacific is holding outdoor and virtual classes for the time being. However, we are slowly testing the waters for indoor (masked, ventilated, and socially distant) classes per County guidelines.

Q: I bought a class pass pre SIP and it’s expired. I’m ready to take class again. Can I use this pass?

A: Motion Pacific will be working with all students and patrons to extend class passes as needed. Email admin@motionpacific.com for help. We will make sure to keep you dancing!

Q: What about other Motion Pacific events like MAJESTY or max10?

A: The city of Santa Cruz has informed us that no public gatherings are allowed until further notice. We had a very successful Virtual MAJESTY and are working to bring you more virtual and physically distant events. Stay tuned!

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