Motion Pacific – Updates around COVID19 Outbreak

(updated 6/30/20)

Motion Pacific is closed until further notice in compliance with the Santa Cruz County Shelter in Place Order.

Current Adult Virtual Schedule Download the MindBody App to register!

Youth/Teen Summer Camps open for registration! Register HERE.

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Q: I see a Zoom class scheduled for my student and have not been sent any information. How can I gain access?

A: If you have not been given access to a Youth/Teen Zoom class, please reach out to admin@motionpacific.com and we will give you access and make sure you are on all email lists moving forward.

Q: I make monthly auto payments for my child’s classes every month. Will these continue even without classes?

A: As we have started offering out Youth classes online, all auto payments will run as scheduled. The last pay date was My 15th. That said, we will be offering a number of ways to support families who need a reduced rate or waived fee. Please email director@motionpacific.com for more information.

Q: Will the Annual Recital still take place in May?

A: We held a Virtual Recital on June 12th. You can watch the recording HERE!

Q: When can I expect to take classes again?

A: As of now, Motion Pacific is closed until further notice. However, we are offering Adult classes virtually through MindBody. Please see schedule above. Please check back in for updates.

Q: I bought a class pass and it’s expired during the time of the shelter in place. How can I remedy this?

A: Motion Pacific will be working with all students and patrons to extend class passes as needed. Email admin@motionpacific.com for help. We will make sure to keep you dancing!

Q: What about other Motion Pacific events like MAJESTY or max10?

A: The city of Santa Cruz has informed us that no public gatherings are allowed until further notice. We had a very successful Virtual MAJESTY and are working to bring you more virtual and physically distant events. Stay tuned!

Q: Are you still planning on holding Youth/Teen Summer Camps?

A: At this point in time, Motion Pacific will not be holding physical summer camps. Virtual camps are available for registration now. Please see the link at the top of the page for dates and registration! 

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