Studio Relocation

To Our Community

For the last many years, Motion Pacific has known that a wave of development was coming to our neighborhood here South of Laurel and that there was a high likelihood that we would be leaving our current space in the future. We had not known exactly when and now we know that by December of 2024 we will be vacating our space here at 131 Front Street.

We are currently working with local realtors, brokers, as well as the Economic Development Department to identify a new location. We have also hired a project manager, our former Director, Abra Allan, to oversee the relocation efforts as well as have assembled an advisory board of incredible community members to bring their expertise to supporting our efforts.

Since we were founded in 1998, Motion Pacific has had many identities and been a home to many different people and communities. This move to a new facility is once again giving us an opportunity to reflect on who Motion Pacific is now and who we serve and build a space to better support that vision moving into the next many decades.

Between now and December of 2024, we do not foresee any changes to Motion Pacific programs. Moving forward, our goal is to secure a new location and execute any needed renovation by December of 2024. That said, this is a Herculean task and we want to be flexible in our approach to best support the space that will give us the most long-term stability and allow us to meet our vision. If that space takes more time to establish, we are open to that possibility as well and will be sure that our family of students have a temporary home to dance.

We will be sending out regular updates to be sure our students, families and supporters know where we are in the process and how they can help if desired.

In Community,

Motion Pacific Staff and Board

If you have questions, please contact Abra Allan at