Studio Relocation

To Our Community

As many of you now know, Motion Pacific must move out of our studio. We have long anticipated development in our neighborhood, south of Laurel Street. By September of 2024, we will be vacating 131 Front Street. 

We have been hard at work assessing new locations and options for our studio. It has been challenging. The leasing and real estate landscape of today is markedly more expensive than it was during our last move. Renovations on a comparable space cost as much as ten times more than in 2011. Typical rents are three times more than what we currently pay. 

As of February, we have one location about which we are feeling cautiously optimistic. We are also working with other dance organizations to explore the feasibility of dynamic partnerships. 

Given the multiple scenarios for which we are preparing ourselves, it is unlikely that we will move directly from Motion Pacific to our forever home. Rest assured that—regardless of where we end up—Motion Pacific will find a temporary home for dancers during our transition. 

Since October of 2023, we have raised $37,265 towards our relocation! We are beyond grateful for your support and it is important to know that this is a small fraction of the total we will need to raise to relocate. Fundraising in 2024 will be instrumental in sustaining Motion Pacific. 

Beyond fundraising, we want to thank you for serving as our thought partners. Thank you for your guidance. Should you wish to join the advisory board or offer your input, please join us at our every-other-Friday 2:30pm meeting via Zoom. We have also created a Google Form for feedback in regards to our move, as well as a place for your general, anonymous questions, comments, or concerns. 

Since we were founded in 1998, Motion Pacific has had many identities and been a home to many different people and communities. Moving to a new facility once again gives us an opportunity to reflect on who Motion Pacific is, now, and who we serve. It allows us to build a space to better support that vision for decades to come. 

In Community,

Collette Tabone, Director
& Motion Pacific Board of Directors and Staff